AWESOME: Aria With Echoing Sound Of Million Emotions



Mission: The CPACS-AWESOME team is comprised of multi-ethnic and multi-generational community members who come together to drum and dance for people’s movements and community empowerment.

Its goal is to encourage community participation in the cultural experience of drumming and dancing and to advocate cultural exchange through performances in multicultural events.  Drumming and dancing together can be a dialogue opener among peoples with different ethnic, cultural and religious background which discourages the divisiveness and promotes friendship and understanding among peoples from different nations.

Internal CPACS events: External venue:

a) by invitation
b) for Community Events
c) for special causes

Developing AWESOME repertoire

Korean Dance

  • Ah-ri-rang (아리랑)
  • Yip choom (입춤)
  • Bu che choom (부채춤)
  • Sul-Jang-Gu Choom (장구춤)
  • Yip-choom So-go (입춤소고)

Korean Drum

  • Nanta (난타)
  • Sul-Jang-Gu (설장구)
  • Jin-do buk choom (진도북 춤)
  • Bur-Koo-Choom (버꾸춤)
  • Sa-Mul-Nori (사물놀이)

Our Team